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Welcome to the future of off-grid living with our innovative world’s first solar awning. Featuring advanced HBC solar cells, it delivers high efficiency, durability, and easy installation. Perfect for modern caravan and RV enthusiasts seeking sustainable energy.

Off Grid Living

Introducing the world’s first Solar Awning, the ultimate solution for sustainable energy on the go. Utilizing cutting-edge HBC solar cell technology, it offers high efficiency and reliable power, even in low-light conditions.


Perfect for caravans, RVs, homes, tiny homes, Off-grid commercial food trucks, Off-grid coffee vans & Domestic applications, this flexible and durable awning seamlessly integrates with your setup. Easy to install, built and tested to withstand harsh weather, our Solar Awning ensures you stay powered up and eco-friendly wherever your adventures take you.

Up To 1050W

Produce an eye watering 1050W on the 16ft version.

Black Hardware

Have a colour scheme?

Don't worry comes in Black or White Hardware.

LED Lighting

Powerful LED Light strips. With White & Ambers settings.

2.3m Wide

Upgraded from 2m. Keep it Standard. 


Check out the top features of our solar awning, providing outstanding performance, innovative HBC solar cells, premium components, and easy installation for an unparalleled off-grid adventure.

Next Gen Performance

The solar awning delivers exceptional performance tailored to your needs. The 16ft version generates up to 1050 watts of power (87 amps @ 12v), providing ample energy for off-grid living. Smaller sizes also offer impressive power outputs, ensuring efficient energy production even in low-light conditions.

Built to endure harsh weather, the solar awning maintains peak performance, guaranteeing a consistent and reliable renewable energy source for your caravan or RV. With this high-performance solution, you can enjoy the freedom of off-grid living without compromising on power.

HBC Solar Cell Technology

Our solar awning utilizes cutting-edge Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin Layer Back Contact (HBC) solar cell technology. These advanced cells offer superior efficiency, converting more sunlight into usable energy compared to traditional solar cells.

HBC technology excels in partial shading, ensuring consistent power generation throughout the day. With a focus on durability and longevity, these cells provide a sustainable and reliable energy source for your off-grid adventures. Experience the benefits of advanced solar technology with our innovative awning.

Supporting Components

The solar awning is equipped with top-notch supporting components to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance. It includes a Victron Energy Smart Solar MPPT charge controller that efficiently manages power flow and maximizes energy storage.

We hand picked this particular Solar Controller for this awning as it seamlessly integrates with existing Non-Victron installations and also perfectly communicates with existing Victron eco-systems in Recreational and Domestic applications. Whilst we recommend the Victron Energy Smart Solar MPPT, the Solar awning can easily integrate where existing Solar Controllers may be in place. Speak with our experts to confirm compatibility.

Pre fitted supports for anti-flap kits, enhances stability and reduces noise in windy conditions.
We designed our Solar Awning to be compatible with existing Anti-Flap kits already on the market, so no need to throw out your old hardware if you are upgrading your awning.

Designed for easy maintenance, the components are durable and reliable, ensuring that your solar awning operates smoothly and effectively.

Easy Installation

Installing the solar awning is straightforward, designed for both DIY enthusiasts and professional installers. The Solar Panel is easy to handle and can be set up within a few hours with the provided detailed instructions (Two people required).

The universal design ensures compatibility with most caravan and RV models older or current, and our support team is available to assist with any specific requirements. Once installed, the awning seamlessly integrates with your existing setup, providing immediate benefits. Simplifying your silent power generation.

Supporting a Range of Applications


Our solar awning is the perfect addition to caravans and RVs, offering a reliable and efficient power source for all your off-grid adventures.  Built to withstand harsh weather, this durable awning provides a sustainable energy solution, allowing you to enjoy the freedom of off-grid living without sacrificing comfort or convenience. 


Perfect for a deck on your tiny home or entertaining area this awning not only provides shelter from the elements but harnesses energy while you entertain or relax with 25% less heat transfer than conventional vinyl awnings. Stay comfortable in wet and breezy conditions knowing you have the most durable awning on the market.


Food trucks can greatly benefit from our solar awning, providing a silent generator alternative for reliable and sustainable power. It's perfect for reducing fuel costs and supporting eco-friendly operations while serving great food!


Our solar awning isn't just for caravans and RVs—it's also a perfect solution for homes and tiny homes. The sleek design seamlessly integrates with your home's exterior, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.



Explore our image gallery to see the solar awning in action, showcasing its sleek design, robust build, and seamless integration with caravans, RVs, and off-grid setups.

  • How much does it weigh?
    The 16ft solar awning weighs approximately 105kg. Which actually makes it one of the lightest solar awnings on the market. The 12ft is 85kg.
  • How much power can it actually produce?
    The 16 ft solar awning can produce a peak of 1230 watts, and consistently up to 1050 watts of power under optimal conditions, providing ample energy for your off-grid needs.
  • What controller does the Solar Awning require?
    The solar awning is compatible with most standard solar charge controllers. For optimal performance, we recommend using a Victron Smart Solar MPPT Controller which is specifically designed to handle the power output and efficiency of our solar awning.
  • Can I use an anti flap kit?
    Yes, We have designed our Solar Awning to be compatible with most anti-flap kits, which help to secure the awning and reduce noise and movement in windy conditions.
  • How easy is it to install the solar awning?
    The solar awning is designed for easy installation and can typically be set up within a few hours. Detailed instructions are provided, and professional installation is also available if preferred. Two people are required for the installation.
  • Is the solar awning compatible with my existing caravan/RV setup?
    The solar awning is designed to be universally compatible with most caravan and RV models. However, it's always a good idea to check specific compatibility requirements or consult with our support team. Note we only can provide flat hardware at this time. So if your van is rounded, packing is required to achieve a flat surface.
  • How durable is the solar awning in extreme weather conditions?
    The solar awning is built with high-quality, durable materials that can withstand extreme weather conditions, including high winds, heavy rain, and UV exposure.
  • What maintenance does the solar awning require?
    The solar awning requires minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning and periodic inspections to ensure all connections are secure are usually sufficient to keep it in optimal working condition.
  • How long is the warranty for the solar awning?
    The solar awning comes with a 3 Year warranty, covering manufacturing defects and performance issues under normal use conditions.
  • Can the solar awning be used while the caravan/RV is in motion?
    No, the solar awning should be retracted while the caravan/RV is in motion to prevent damage and ensure safety.
  • How does the solar awning integrate with other solar systems or batteries?
    The solar awning can be easily integrated with existing solar systems and batteries, enhancing your off-grid power capabilities and providing a seamless energy solution.
  • How does the awning handle shading and partial sunlight?
    The HBC technology in the solar awning is designed to perform efficiently even in partial shading conditions, ensuring consistent power generation throughout the day.
  • What are the benefits of using HBC technology in the solar awning?
    HBC technology offers higher efficiency, better performance in low-light conditions, and increased durability compared to traditional solar cells, making it ideal for off-grid applications.
  • Can the solar awning be customized to fit different caravan/RV sizes?
    Yes, the solar awning can be tailored to fit various caravan and RV sizes. Please provide your vehicle's dimensions for a customized solution.
  • What happens if one of the solar panels gets damaged?
    We have designed our Solar Awning to incorporate Fused cells. If in the unfortunate event the panels get damaged a fuse will trip for your safety and to protect the Battery system, Contact our support team for assistance with replacements and repairs.
  • Where do I get one?
    Retail customers can order directly from Award RV Superstore. For wholesale inquiries, please contact us through our contact us page.


For any enquiries or questions contact us:

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